The story so far

Internet loving web professional with a passion for digital media and visual communication.

I'm Jörgen, an internet loving creative developer with a passion for front-end development and interface design (UI/UX). Besides creating and designing digital products I also tend to code a lot of them using frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Padrino, Laravel or Express, When I’m not hacking or sketching on some hobby project I try to build various Internet of Things, mostly using the Arduino platform.

During weekdays I take care of clients and projects as a part of my daily work at Abe & Ray, a digital agency I co-founded, with a bunch of very lovely people. Working at Modondo makes me feel quite blessed, to be able to work and get paid for one of my greatest passions on life, creating for the web, not everyone are as lucky.

As much as I love working with various tech and internet projects there are more to life than building things for the online and always connected world we live in. I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends usually over coffee, dinner or drinks. In the spare time I play video games, taking care of our house and riding trails in the near by forest on my mountain bike together with my girlfriend.

On the leisure side I have a strong interest in cooking and cigars. I’ve come to perfect how to make and cook a great burger and with fantastic bacon. At the moment I’m experimenting with slow cooking and ice-cream, not together, that would be a bit gross. However the results are promising, pulled pork as main course and wonderful ice-cream for desert. The cigar collection is small, but ever growing, slowly though since I tend to offer guests a cigar now and then. It is a neat side hobby that I give some extra attention now and then.

If you want to get in touch, you can go through LinkedIn or Abe & Ray or write a comment on my blog. If you ever are in the south of Sweden and would like to talk some geek, discuss an interesting project or go mountain biking, don not hesitate to give me shout.

Have a nice day now and thanks for taking the time!