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Another step forward for Pennyworth

Pennyworth gets another update and can now handle references from Contentful, which means that pages now are more flexible and extensible and posts can soon handle media such as images and videos more properly.

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ImageOptim - A great tool for reducing image file sizes

Since Yahoo retired their image image optimizer SmushIt, there haven't really been any good alternatives. Sure there are a plenty of so called cloud services, but most of them feel shady and does not perform in the way that I want to. I found ImageOptim a few months back and I think it is awesome!

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Slack promises landscape mode for iOS

Apps that does not support landscape mode is something that I really get hung up on and now finally one of my favourite apps, Slack is finally going to support landscape mode. Hopefully sometime before the end of 2016.

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Using the Element classList to manage classnames in HTML5

Working with class names in your DOM has been a real breeze much thanks to jQuery class methods and the refined selectors that jQuery provides. Adding and removing classnames in vanilla JavaScript has traditionally not been that easy, it has not been really difficult, just cumbersome. The Element.classList changes this radically and if you have some basic experience with web development then the interface of the DOMTokenList will make you feel right at home.

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