Christmas is just around the corner and Pennyworth got pages

Yes, it finally happened! I got to sit down and finish of the pages functionality for Pennyworth. Now, that’s not entirely true, but Pennyworth now have simple page support, just need to create a Hugo theme that can handle it. There are still some, well, quite a few features for the pages functionality, but one step at the time.

Christmas is just around the corner and the gifts are starting to pile up under the Christmas tree. I’m really looking forward to the holidays and be able to chill for a bit. Got some work stuff to take care of, mostly paperwork and when that is sorted out there might be time to work some more on Pennyworth.

So freaking happy I got pages sorted out! There are a few other improvments as well regarding the build system and the server. I did create a previous version of Pennyworth in JavaScript, but using Golang is so much more fun and productive. I’m seriously thinking about getting a Golang gig, not sure who would hire me, but I really like Golang.

So besides pages in Pennyworth, the actual build and server process is now fairly stable as well, which means that I can pick up the blogging again. Will blog more about the progress of Pennyworth, but also blog about more general stuff as well and hopefully get a video channel of the ground on YouTube or Vimeo. Who knows, it is Christmas and I hope it will be a magical one!

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