There is always a drawback - BitBucket major outage

Here I am, just about to deploy a new pet project or at least verify that everything works. Running all the latest and greatest Rails 4 and deploying with the trustworthy Capistrano 3. It all works, but suddenly I’m starting to get small hiccups and disconnects.

I start to look over my code and check the error logs and it all points to the fact the BitBucket is acting up. Runs few more checks and tests and now it all seems to work and I’m ready for the final deploy.

Kaboom! Nothing, just red error messages, reloads my BitBucket page and I’m facing skull and bones! A quick search on Twitter shows a steady stream of tweets and the message is clear. BitBucket is so down it is nearly dead and has been for quite some time before I noticed it, roughly 30 min.

Now this is not unique to BitBucket, it happens to GitHub as well now and then and everything stops. Of course development can continue, but deployments is going to be hard? Or is it? Git and HG are distributed version control software so why are we so stuck on a single point of failure? There must be a very easy and nice fallback when the big sites like BitBucket and GitHub goes down?

That is for another post, for now I’m going to bed, I’ll try another deploy, maybe I get lucky and I can fetch my code on BitBucket. I feel with the people at BitBucket, it must be quite stressful for them. So instead of lots of red error messages in my terminal, here are some images that makes things pretty clear and show the seriousness of the situation. This time it does not affect me that much, but I could have been sitting with a clients launch and that would not have been so funny.

BitBucket service list

BitBucket internal error page

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