When should you go public with your project on GitHub?

As most developers and companies for that matter I’m depending heavily on open source projects. What would world look like if Linux, Apache and MySQL for example would have been proprietary products? And no alternatives around?

I’m currently working on a side project that I’ve named Pennyworth which acts as a kind of blog enabler for Contentful using Hugo as the engine. The plan is to release Pennyworth as an open source project. The question is, when is it a good time to release your project as a public available open source project?

I could “release” Pennyworth at the time of this writing, but I want it to be a bit more complete, a bit more useful, but that also raises the question, will the project ever reach some kind of MVP status, enough to be released? When is it a good time to go public with your open source project?

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