Holiday morning coffee

The holidays has really taken its toll on me. I’ve slept a lot, and I mean a lot, yesterday I slept for 12 hours. Hectic days before Christmas eve, preparing food and presents for a one day feast with plenty of leftovers days to come, is a good Christmas according to me. So this is the first day I’m up relatively early, been up for almost two hours and spent most of the time reading Techcrunch and browsing through Facebook. The clock has now passed 09:00 and it is time to get some breakfast, fresh coffee from newly ground beans and some orange juice on this very fine winter morning.

Staying true to my holiday promise I’m going to code on the Strutter project, porting over the rails application that powers this site and blog to a Padrino. Going well so far, but I’m hitting a few mental speed bumps on the actual architecture and since I really don’t have anything to lose I’ll go towards a more REST and API approach and hopefully it will work out! Now for some breakfast and code!

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