Releasing my first ever own Ruby gem Padrino Sextant

As you might have guess I like Ruby and I use both Ruby on Rails and Padrino for building various web projects. In the past I’ve used Sextant for easy access to a projects routes in the browser, this functionality is now built into Rails 4. Since I really like the way Sextant works and I could not find anything like it for Padrino, there is as of this writing a 2 year old Sinatra version that would be possible to use. Anyways, I thought I would give it a go and try to create a Ruby gem for Padrino that does what Sextant does for Rails.

I’ve tried to write gems before, but never got around to finish any of them until now. Let me present Padrino Sextant, my first ever publish and ready to us Ruby gem. It is still in its infancy, but the v.0.0.1 release works as intended. In the coming weeks I’ll write up a better documentation and add some tests and maybe at the end of the year have a v1.0 release ready. I’m quite happy about the result and that actually works and installs like a gem, even though it is very specific use case for Padrino.

Padrino Sextant was release on Saturday, September 13, 2014 and it has been downloaded 91 times when I write this. Which I think is awesome! If you have tried Padrino Sextant out and have some feedback or ideas on how to improve the gem, don’t hesitate to contact me or use the comments below to.

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